Veselić, Krešimir; matematični kolokvij februar 2000

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Damped systems and their optimisation

Krešimir Veselić

Fernuniversität Hagen, Nemčija

10. februar 2000

A damped system is defined by the vector differential equation Mx'' + Cx' + Kx = f(t), where M,C,K are symmetric matrices, M,K are positive definite and C (damping) positive semidefinite. Our aim is to optimise C in order to insure an 'optimal evanescence' of this system. In contrast to existing 'spectral' criteria we propose a penalty function based on the Ljapunov theory. This has both computational and theoretical advantages, in particular, the same approach could be taken if the system is infinite dimensional and has no eigenvalues or even no spectrum at all.

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