Prijatelji in sovražniki: Socialna omrežja s pozitivnimi in negativnimi povezavami (Seminar DM)

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Prijatelji in sovražniki: Socialna omrežja s pozitivnimi in negativnimi povezavami.

Jure Leskovec

Torek, 21. december 2010, od 10-12, Predavalnica 2.03, Jadranska 21

Povzetek: Current large-scale information systems involve rich patterns of social interaction, and understanding the network structure of these interactions is crucial both for the design of the systems and for our understanding of human social dynamics at global scales. Social networks in many on-line settings encode a mixture of positive (friendly) and negative (antagonistic) relationships, but the bulk of research on these networks to date has focused almost exclusively on the positive interpretations of the links. We discuss how the interplay between positive and negative relationships affects the overall functioning of on-line social networks, and we connect our analysis to theories of signed networks from social psychology. We find that the signs of links in the underlying social networks can be predicted with high accuracy, using models that generalize across a diverse range of applications. In addition to providing a perspective for reasoning about the underlying networks and applications, this analysis provides one of the first large-scale evaluations of these theories using on-line datasets. We find that classical theories capture certain of the underlying effects, but that they are also at odds with some of the fundamental phenomena we observe--particularly related to the evolving, directed nature of the networks.

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