On an inverse problem to Frobenius' theorem (Seminar DM)

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On an inverse problem to Frobenius’ theorem.

Jiangtao Shi, School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University, Beijing 100871, P.R. China

This is a joint work with Wei Meng

Petek, 11. februar 2011, od 17-18, predavalnica 3.06, Jadranska 21

Povzetek: Let G be a finite group and e a positive integer dividing | G | , the order of G. Denoting L_e(G) = \{x \in G| x^e = 1\}, Frobenius proved that | Le(G) | = ke for a positive integer k \ge 1. In this talk, we give a complete classification of finite groups G with |L_e(G)| \le 2e for every e dividing | G | .

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