Maurer, Hermann; Javno predavanje maj 2012

Iz MaFiRaWiki

Why Wikipedia is not enough

Hermann Maurer

Graz University of Technology, Avstrija

22. maj 2012

In this talk it is argued that although Wikipedia(s) are valuable resources, additional material on so-called "forum-servers" or "focus-servers" is needed: Wikipedia(s) often do not go deep enough; authors of contributions are not (easily) identifieable; controversial topics cannot be treated in separate contributions; searching and navigation are not good enough; preservation of past information is not supported; the concept of Web Books is not supported, and other technical features are missing. To overcome those problems a new generation of server-software has been developed that allows to concentrate on a particular region or topic. We present some examples to demonstrate how to deal with the problems mentioned. It is also shown that much research is still necessary to improve on what has been obtained so far.

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