Graver, Jack E.; matematični kolokvij junij 2005

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You may rely on the reliability polynomial for much more than you might think

Jack E. Graver

Syracuse University, ZDA

23. junij 2005

The reliability polynomial R_{\mathcal S}(p) of a collection \mathcal S of subsets of a finite set X has been extensively studied in the context of network theory. There, X is the edge set of a graph (V,X) and \mathcal S the collection of the edge sets of certain subgraphs. For example, we may take \mathcal S to be the collection of edge sets of spanning trees. In that case, R_{\mathcal S}(p) is the probability that, when each edge is included with the probability p, the resulting subgraph is connected. Milton Sobel defined R_{\mathcal S}(p) in an entirely different way enabling one to glean additional information about the collection \mathcal S from R_{\mathcal S}(p). Illustrating the extended information available in the reliability polynomial is the main focus of this talk while demonstrating the equivalence of these two definitions is the main theoretical result.

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