Barbic, Jernej, Kolokvij september 2014

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Abstract: In nature, there are many dynamical systems that are reasonably well-understood from the viewpoint of physics, but are computationally slow to simulate with detailed models. The observed transients in many simulations are, however, often not very rich, but exhibit primarily simple, low-dimensional dynamics. Such observations form the cornerstone of model reduction, an interdisciplinary technique used in electrical and aerospace engineering, as well as solid and fluid mechanics, and computer graphics. In my career, I have studied how model reduction can be applied to elasticity problems in computer graphics and animation. I will present my work on model reduction applied to fast simulation, optimal control, optimization, collision detection, sound simulation and interactive design of geometrically and materially complex models undergoing large deformations.

Short bio: Jernej Barbic is an assistant professor of computer science at USC, working in the field of computer graphics and animation. In 2014, he was named a Sloan Research Fellow. In 2011, MIT Technology Review named him of the Top 35 Innovators under the age of 35 in the world (TR35). Jernej is the author of Vega FEM, an free C/C++ software physics library for deformable object simulation. He received his Ph.D. from CMU, and did postdoctoral research at MIT CSAIL. His research interests include computer graphics, animation, fast physics, special effects for film, medical simulation, FEM deformable objects, haptics, sound simulation, and model reduction and control of nonlinear systems. Jernej is a NSF CAREER Award winner and holds a Viterbi Early Career Chair position at USC.

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